If you are new to lactose intolerance and don’t know where to begin, you may have the following questions:

1. I don’t even know what lactose intolerance is.

What is lactose intolerance? What are the symptoms of lactose intolerance?

2. Am I lactose intolerant or not?

What’s the lactose intolerant test my doctor can recommend?

3. OK, I am lactose intolerant, what do I do now?

There are now ingredients to avoid to make sure you stay lactose free.

4. Is living without dairy a death sentence on my taste buds?

Of course not there are plenty of specially made lactose free products available just for you. You can also follow manylactose free recipes. You can even find some restaurants where you can eat dairy free.

5. I still love my dairy, what can I do?

Well how much lactose is in the foods you eat?
Too much? Well you can buy a product to help digest the lactose in foods. Its called lacteeze and you can buy it directly from us.

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Good Luck!
Email us and let us know how you go.